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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 4, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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this is a live look outside on this friday, march 4th.
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this is "today in the east bay." good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. it is friday and 4:30. we'll check in with your east bay forecast and christina loren. good morning, christina. good morning to you, scott mcgrew. we made it to the end of the week. and today will be absolutely beautiful. weatherwise we are looking to a gorgeous day with temperatures towards 70 degrees in the east bay. a little bit of fog in the north bay this morning. if you are waking up in the east bay getting ready to hit santa rosa, napa, take it easy out there this morning. we'll find out what you are facing on the roads this morning with mike inouye. you are facing a lot of pavement, but not a lot of company right now. very light flow of traffic through the maze right now. we'll take you where folks have been working overnight on the roadway. northbound 880 has just reopened or is reopening at the 92 interchange and approaching out of union city into hayward. but approaching the same interchange, eastbound 92 from
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hisperian to the freeway is closed right now. your alternate forces you off the freeway. you will then rejoin with 880 in the area. locals know that well off the san mateo bridge into hayward. that's there for another half hour. back to you. we have been talking all week about the big tower on the bay bridge. turns out it is ahead of schedule this morning. christie smith is live in oakland with an update. >> reporter: good morning to you, scott. happy friday to you. the tower section really helps to make up the unique profile of the self-anchored suspicion span of the bridge. they started work on monday and we were hearing they were going to be done by friday night, but now it is ahead of schedule. here we me is bart with caltrans. thank you for being here with me. why is it ahead of schedule? >> we can't say enough about the crew from american floor.
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we got great weather, so they stayed working 24 hours a day to get these pieces in place. and i think that's a good reason why we are ahead today. >> reporter: because these are really huge, heavy pieces. i know one of the factors was maybe wind and that could have slowed things down. >> exactly. we placed almost 2,000 tons of steel over 400 feet in the air in four days. >> reporter: so what's next? drivers are obviously not going to see work going on until late tonight. so what's happening next? >> well, this operation isn't done. they are still bolting to ensure the pieces are connected, but next week we'll go down to the deck. we have another deck piece to go in place. then we'll be back working on the tower. at the end of march or early april we'll put the top portion on to connect all the legs together. >> reporter: thank you very much for being out here with us this morning. that's the latest from here, reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the east bay." a two-day protest over student fees on the berkeley campus over this morning.
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students declaring victory. eight protesters greeted with cheers and hugs after spending seven hours chained to one another on a fourth floor ledge at wheeler hall. this demonstration comes one day after a day of protests on campuses all over california. 17 people were arrested on uc berkeley campus wednesday night. last night a different story. students say some of their demands were met. >> basically, all prior student charges that were up for suspicion that were lingering on forever will be reduced to the option of probation for the rest of the semester. >> now, during the demonstration 26 classes were canceled affecting about 1,000 students. they are angry over higher fees. school administrators are hoping from here on out it will be business as usual. three contentious days of federal hearings on capitol hill over this week all investigating the san bruno pipeline blast. we caught up with congresswoman
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jackie spear moments after her plane lantd landed at sfo. she has comforting news for pg&e customers. >> everyone who lives within 2,000 feet of a transmission line, every right pair is going to receive a notification from pg&e in a separate envelope. secondly, that they are going to move forward swiftly now in terms of putting automatic and remote shutoff involves and start in san mateo county and prioritize those areas where the pipeline and the earthquake fault coincide. >> spear also says pg&e will meet one-on-one with public safety leaders all over the state to make sure fire departments know exactly where gas pipelines are located. another important change, pg&e will no longer spike pressure on lineses a it did the night of the san bruno fire. and it plans automatic shutoff
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valves, remotely-controlled valves will be on several transition lines near mill pete das and san francisco. governor jr.ry brown will be talking business today meeting with the bay area counsel in san francisco. the counsel is a coalition of business leaders including this tv station. the meeting will be at the bank of america tour at 2:30 this afternoon. the oakland city council voted last night to commit millions of dollars to already approved redevelopment projects. now this is a move to protect the city's money in case the state gets rid of redevelopment agencies. city leaders plan to sell a few properties to the agency to get some cash to buy more properties, including the oakland army base so it can retain control of those properties if that agency is dissolved. a livermore family offering a reward this morning after someone broke into their home. they lost zoe, a little dog who was apparently scooped up by the bad guys along with laptops, cameras and other valuables.
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her owners have searched everywhere and put up fliers with the 9-pound dog's photo. so far no luck. they are offering a reward for her safe return. if you know anything about where zoe is, call us. there you go. i know no one who likes the weekend more than christina. in fact, christina is looking forward to next weekend she's so advanced. i don't think there comes a time when i'm not thinking about the weekend, mr. mcgrew. and you know what? right now i'm thinking about the weekend because it will be beautiful in the east bay where our temperatures today will be in the upper 60s. tomorrow, 70 degrees in oakland. a beautiful weekend on tap for the first half. and then the storm arrives. it will bring us a lot of rainfall late saturday night into sunday. but this morning we are starting out cold, grab a jacket, but something you can take off later. and ladies, if you have had those warmer outfits you have been waiting to wear, today is your day. a little patchy fog developed in the thort bay overnight. take it easy out there headed
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from the east bay to the north bay. we'll find out how your drive looks exactly from mike inouye. good morning, it sounds like if you go to an office to work you can wear your shorter slacks. westbound 580 is a 13-minute drive through livermore approaching the 680 interchange. north of there we have overnight construction that's been happening the last couple of weeks from alcosta boulevard. we have a couple lanes blocked until 6:00 a.m. we have just under an hour until they start to move the cones through the area. moving further north through the walnut creek interchange, a smooth drive northbound or southbound which is your commute direction past 24 and antioch is not slowing any major slowing. the maze is a lighter volume. it is a friday, we'll see things get congested at 7:00 and midday as folks head into the city. so far a smooth drive and a live look shows you that there are no major issues at the toll plaza except for the fact that if you want no backup, go now. it is only 4:38, but still, go now! back to you.
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